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About Shoots and Leaves

What Inspired The Start of Shoots & Leaves?

Our inspiration comes from travel and the differing experiences of eateries and food around the world. Having worked closely with a wide range of people in different settings led us to defining the type of establishment and the sort of menu we wish to offer. All these experiences and ideas inspired us to put our individual stamp on this concept or style of eatery. 

How Would You Describe Your Vibe?

Simple, easy and uncomplicated. Quality food, coffee and people.

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From the Press


Dose up on happiness with a cup of Bluebird Coffee Roastery’s “Friendly Blend” at this lush and oh-so-lovely health food restaurant at 19 Park Lane, Umhlanga Ridge. The soothing atmosphere makes for a relaxing spot to have a business meeting, meet a friend or graft in peace. Pop in for a late morning coffee and stay for their farm-fresh harvest table lunch – a real (guilt-free) treat! Details: Instagram: @shoots_and_leaves_sa or Facebook: shootsandleavesSA

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