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Local and Fresh

In the heart of the bustling Umhlanga Ridge lies an Eatery that celebrates seasonal local produce in the most wholesome and honest form. Locals and office workers wander in for their daily hit of coffee or to grab a vibrant and tasty harvest style lunch.

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We are very excited to provide you with the opportunity to give back and make a massive difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Read more info about what CAST are doing and how you can be involved.

''The mission of CAST is to mobilize and align local churches for the purpose of reaching out with practical compassion to empower, transform and redeem communities.


CAST works in the field of addressing social injustices such as: food insecurity; educational poverty; economic poverty; and a lack of resilience affecting academic achievement, psychosocial behavior and the physical health of young people.


Our commitment is to assist communities through sustainable community development projects which are made possible by way of purposefully engaging with local church partners and encouraging active participation in their surrounding communities.


Since the rise of the Coronavirus  pandemic, one of the primary concerns for CAST has been to continue supporting and empowering the needy and vulnerable in the communities that we have journeyed with. CAST has been issued with essential services permits and, from just before the lockdown to date, has delivered more than 1500 food parcels, each sustaining families for up to two weeks.


We feel blessed to be able to continue our work during this time of great need and so appreciate the generosity of those who make it possible.''




What Our Customers Say


"Delicious Food, great coffee and nice open, bright atmosphere. The chocolate brownies are a must!"

"I absolutely love this place and I am having major withdrawal symptoms during lockdown. Best food, best owners and staff, best coffee!Can't wait to go back!"

"The best coffee and snack spot. Sweet or savory, this team is doing it right. The vibe is amazing and will keep you coming back for more"

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